Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fenland Fair at Quy / Art classes

Over the winter we hope to run some Art classes at the National Stud, along with some craft classes. We will be at the Fenland Fair at the bank holiday weekend to promote the Stud and Racing Welfare, and also gauge the interest for these classes. I will also be exhibiting and selling paintings and water colours. A pet portrait commission will be raffled, and a water colour raffled each day, in aid of Racing Welfare. See you there!


I've been a bit remiss and not updated this blog since I've been at the stud but hopefully these paintings will give you an idea of what I have been up to.

'Zeus' approx 18"x24"

Mixed media on canvas £195

Rooster Booster approx 18"x18"

Mixed media on canvas £125

Hare full stretch 20"x30"

Mixed media on canvas £195

Turquoise 30"x40"

Mixed media on canvas £375

"Getting to work" 24"x30"

Mixed media on canvas £325

Cockspur approx 24"x24"

Mixed media on canvas £195

Gallop Pastel Approx 18"x12"

Pastel and charcoal on Paper £95

Pushing Pastel approx 18"x 12"

Pastels and charcoal on paper £95

Charcoal Flight 24"x24"

Charcoal and local chalk on canvas £150

Charcoal Grey 24"x24"

Charcoal and local chalk on canvas £150

Stepping out 20"x30"

Mixed media, paper and canvas. Available for £225