Monday, November 24, 2008


Digby is a portrait of a Labradoodle in the village commissioned by his owners, executed in watercolour and with a touch of Gouache

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fishes 40"x30"

I recently painted some works for display and sale in a local restaurant/pub which was reopening just outside Newmarket. I took the obvious subject matter of food and drink as a theme but treated the canvases in the same way as my other mixed media works. The picture of the fish has now sold but a few other examples of the work displayed are shown below and are individually priced.

Loaves 40"x30"


Cider 30"x24"


Moonshine 30"x24"


Mushrooms 20"x16"


Apple 20"x16"


Monday, November 17, 2008

Cock-a-Hoop 30" x 40"

Cock-a-Hoop shows the quiet self confidence and colour of the cockerel that knows no-one is going to threaten his domain. It is available for £350

Strutting Cockerel 24" x 20"

Strutting Cockerel is an exercise in colour and texture, using a subject matter that sums up flamboyant self confidence – a cockerel is always full of himself and always either defending, or looking to expand, his territory and harem of hens.This has also sold.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sandstorm 30" x 40"

The vibrant colours of 'Sandstorm' are based on the coastal sunsets and the freedom that a horse feels when exercised on sandy beaches such as Holkham in Norfolk. It is available for £375

'Rusty' 30" x 40" (Now Sold)

"Rusty" was painted with sand from Dunwich beach and tries to capture the movement and feeling of an ancient wall painting. It is available for £375. The depth of texture on these paintings allows them to be seen differently as the light moves through the room as the day and seasons change.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Prancer 30" x 40"

"Prancer" was painted using the same method as "Snowbird". I love the sculptural qualities of horses and their grace when moving. This painting has now sold


This painting 'Snowbird' as with most of my mixed media work, was started by covering the canvas in PVA glue, squirting and throwing on a mixture of acrylic colours then pushing in something to create a texture. In this case it was crushed 'clunch' a dense chalk found round here that used to be employed as a building material.

As the paint dried I moved and tilted the canvas to create the marbling effect then lay the painting in the sun to dry off completely. I often work on more than one canvas background at once as it is a different emotive experience to painting the subject matter.

Once dry, using a mixture of sketches and photo reference, I started working on the horse, applying the paint with a palette knife to build up more texture and colour. While it is wet I can wash off areas I am not happy with without affecting the background. Again it was laid in the sun to dry and then another session was needed to work in some detail and correct a couple of areas that became obvious only once I had given myself some time away from it.

I can only work outside, as the light is completely different, so during the winter I have to bring the paintings in to dry by the wood burner, before taking them back out to work on them again. By working on dry paint I can add colours without them mixing and becoming muddy. That way the colours mix in the eye and not on the canvas.

I get through a lot of paint using this impasto method but the finished result always seems worth it.
This painting is available for £395

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


As usual with technology I have fallen at the first hurdle and the machine will not accept my 'About me' profile! Suffice to say I am a full time artist, working with watercolour and mixed media canvases, usually of animals and wildlife. I am based in a village called Wood Ditton near Newmarket, which considers itself HQ of the Horseracing industry.


This blog will hopefully keep everyone up to date with the paintings I am working on or have recently finished, illustrating them and letting people know where they are available.