Friday, November 7, 2008


This painting 'Snowbird' as with most of my mixed media work, was started by covering the canvas in PVA glue, squirting and throwing on a mixture of acrylic colours then pushing in something to create a texture. In this case it was crushed 'clunch' a dense chalk found round here that used to be employed as a building material.

As the paint dried I moved and tilted the canvas to create the marbling effect then lay the painting in the sun to dry off completely. I often work on more than one canvas background at once as it is a different emotive experience to painting the subject matter.

Once dry, using a mixture of sketches and photo reference, I started working on the horse, applying the paint with a palette knife to build up more texture and colour. While it is wet I can wash off areas I am not happy with without affecting the background. Again it was laid in the sun to dry and then another session was needed to work in some detail and correct a couple of areas that became obvious only once I had given myself some time away from it.

I can only work outside, as the light is completely different, so during the winter I have to bring the paintings in to dry by the wood burner, before taking them back out to work on them again. By working on dry paint I can add colours without them mixing and becoming muddy. That way the colours mix in the eye and not on the canvas.

I get through a lot of paint using this impasto method but the finished result always seems worth it.
This painting is available for £395

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